An apology

If you have checked out my blog over the past week – I am sorry that there has been nothing new to see. I could use the excuse of my kids having chicken pox, or the houseful of company I had last week, or the distractions of my new iPod touch, or the laundry, or even the rain. Really, I just haven’t done it. And, the worst part is that the corny Twilight video was the last thing I posted. So I hope you won’t give up on me and keep checking in with my blog.

2 thoughts on “An apology

  1. your kids had chicken pox and I missed it!!! Do you know anyone that your kids might have infected that we can get it from???

    I am not kidding. I have put off the vaccination for years now hoping they would get the virus but so many people get the vaccine now that it is near impossible to find anyone with chicken pox!

    If you know where we can get it please let me know! : )

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