Weekend update

What a whirlwind of a weekend.

Here’s a wrap up:

Started our life group back on friday night – awesome time starting the Fireproof Your Marriage study. We have 12 couples – it was fun to hear everyone’s story of how they met – some were sweet, some funny, some you wouldn’t believe if I told you:)

Saturday night we had our very first Saturday night service – it was THE BEST Cornerstone service I have ever been to! You don’t want to miss our next one on December 13th

Sunday after church the kids and I got to relax a little in the afternoon and I finished reading Twilight. Looking forward to the movie that comes out on Friday. Then I’ll be on to the next book – New Moon. I hadn’t read a good fiction book in a while(except for the Shack). I really enjoyed the escape. Most of my reading usually has to do with church stuff, parenting, recipes, etc. I think we all need a little romance and vampires every now and then.

How was your weekend?