Thankful Thursday

Ok – it’s late and I have tons to do – so here it is quickly
1. My Savior – I can not imagine how meaninigless my life would be without Him

2. My kids – they have been so much fun this week

3. My husband – the man who puts up with me and seems to enjoy it. I love you!

4. My friends – ya’ll know who you are – I love you – you keep me sane

5. My parents – for giving me such a great foundation and for being awesome grandparents

6. My in-laws – Jeff and Doris for raising a great son and being such loving grandparents and Lee and Micky for spoiling our kids rotten

7. My teenagers – OK they aren’t really mine – but I am looking forward to spending this weekend with them at Planet Wisdom in Charlotte.

8. My home – I have cleaned and planted flowers and cleaned some more and just when I think it is finished I turn around and it’s a mess again but I am thankful for a beautiful place to live

9. My country – I am proud to be an American this week. Whether you voted for Obama or not this is a historic time that I have enjoyed sharing with my kids, explaining to them about God’s love for all people and how much our country has changed over the last 150 years. God bless America.

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