Got any ideas?

Since our church is now in the Downtown area we are planning to participate in the Christmas Parade and open up our church for coffee and cider and a place for people to hang out and warm up. We want to walk (children too) in the parade and hand out something to let everyone know about the “open house” at Cornerstone after the parade. I have an idea for some cute shirts to wear as we walk but I don’t know what to hand out with the information, candy canes seem so cliche – any ideas? What has your church done to outreach?

6 thoughts on “Got any ideas?

  1. I saw something really neat this morning. I don’t know if we would have time to pull it off, but it would be a good idea for next year! The youth group made note cards and at the top of the paper it said… Dear God,

    They would hand these out during the parade and have our return address so they could mail in thier prayer requests to the church. The other example is to have a video camera and walk through the crowd and gather their prayer requests. This way you would not only be reaching our church family but the entire community! Just a thought!!!

    Crystal Adams

  2. Great ideas Crystal! Thanks. We definitly want this to be a commnunity outreach – not just a hang out time for Cornerstone people!

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