It’s easy being green

We just started recycling about 3 month ago.  I know it’s bad that I hadn’t been doing it before.  The city of Galax doesn’t make it easy – no curb recycling and the recycle center is not the most pleasant place to go.  We have really cut down on our trash and these bins that I bought at IKEA make recycling easier and more organized.  I have to give some love to IKEA.  I bought these at the Woodbridge VA store and I got three bins and only 1 lid.  It was totally my mistake so I called them after I got home and discovered that I didn’t have the lids.  I really thought I was out of luck because there are no IKEA stores close by (until Charlotte in spring of 09).  I told them my dilema, took some info and said someone would contact me about shipping – never heard anything.  Three days later UPS shows up with my lids!  Do you recycle?