What do people need?

I am getting ready for a couple of meetings this morning and took a few minutes to catch up on some blog reading.  I read this post from Perry Noble and it really hits home.  I have been constantly evaluating in my mind how I think about people that are far from God and how Jesus would have responded in situations and how I need to get outside my “Christian bubble”.  Perry shares an experience he had when he helped a man up that had fallen.  You have to read it.  People need a hand, someone to help them up, someone to care and show them Jesus.  They don’t need another theological discussion, budget meeting, or church potluck.  They don’t need us to sit around listening to our Christian music, reading our Christian books, watching our Christian movies, hanging out with our Christian friends.  They need us to notice that they have fallen and pick them up.  They need us to get out of what is comfortable and safe and pick them up where they are.  They need us to remember that we have all been flat on our faces before and it’s only by God’s grace that we can help them find the Jesus that picked us up.

One thought on “What do people need?

  1. Is our church a bubble?
    How can we pop it and reach more in Galax?
    Agreeing with your thoughts!!!

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