What are our kids learning about church and God?

Here is a post I just read on Jen Antonucci’s blog.  Jen has a blog for church planters wives.  I had the opportunity to hear Jen speak last month at a ladies luncheon that this chattahoochee mama put together.  Jen is the real deal and has a heart for pastor’s wives and the lost.  This list of questions is something I think everyone in ministry – not  just planters or pastors or people in “full time” ministry  – should ask themselves.  What kind of image of God and the church do we present to our kids.  Just some things to think about.  I look forward to sitting down with Mike and answering some of these questions.  God has blessed us with the 3 most incredible children  (I know everybody thinks their kids are the greatest – ours really are – sorry). Seriously, I am always ready to soak up some new perspective to help us not make too much of mess while trying to figure out how to raise them.

One thought on “What are our kids learning about church and God?

  1. I’ve been loving her parenting sessions posts, too. She hits on points not often talked about by women/pastors wives. Good stuff.

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