Thankful Thursday

What a crazy week!  But so many things to be thankful for

1.  Praisin in the Park has been awesome.  I am SO proud of our teenagers for the awesome job they have done with everything they have been involved with.  I love you guys!
2. Praisin in the Park is over tonight!  It has been great but a little hectic – glad to get back to normal.
3.  The call God has placed on our family.  I remind my kids how much of an important part of ministry they are.  Mike did a great job with the teaching time on Sunday night with the kids.  He sounded like such a preacher:)
4.  God holding back the rain last night – the storm went around us.
5.  The sound of the rain and thunder outside right now.  I love thunderstorms – just praying it will all be gone by tonight.
6.  My kids with their night vision goggles, spy gadgets, and flash lights getting ready for the big thunderstorm (gotta have those flashlights in the middle of the day)
7.  God’s patience with our meager efforts to bring glory to Him