Thankful Thursday

1.  Listening to Drew sing “God of this City” in the car.

2.  That I got out of WalMart alive on July 3rd – it was nuts in there and I think there is a hamburger and hotdog bun shortage.
3. Our bathroom remodel is DONE!!  New paint, tile and faucet. No more purple counter top!
4. My friend Boni and her sweet babies.  We had fun at the carnival tonight.
5. The way Emma takes care of her little brothers.
6.  Luke’s magic shows.
7. Gods amazing creation – these beautiful mountains and the three tiny baby deer that played in our yard this morning.
8. My bed! It’s past my bedtime! It’s almost not Thursday anymore – better hurry and finish.
9. Last but not least – my best friend – my husband.
(thanks to Ainsley for letting me copy her thankful thursday idea)

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Oh Jenni! You made me cry! I’m so thankful for you too! We couldn’t have done the carnival without your help. Thanks so much and thanks for the great 4th cookout… you’re the Hostess with the Mostess for sure!

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