Hard Core Evangelism

Drew’s friend Joey came over after church today and I am wondering what they learned in Cornerstone Kids today. Here is the conversation I just heard…

First let me set the scene – they are playing some type of fireman/army/pirate thing (compromise of all the thing they wanted to play). They are wearing fire helmets and carrying nerf guns and swords.

Drew “The Bible says we should be nice to our enemies”

Joey (a.k.a. Rambo for the moment) “Yeah, I know we are going to tell them about God and if they believe us we’ll let them go if they don’t believe us we will kill them.”

Drew “Yeah, that’s good”

Joey (to a pretend enemy) “God is the only good guy and he is on our team”

Drew (to the same pretend enemy) “Do you believe us?

Joey (answering in a different voice for the enemy) “Yes”

And off they go – no blood shed – they let him live. Good thing – I have enough of a mess to clean up. I am amazed by the imagination of 4 year olds.