The Smoothie Bar is open

We have started a “tradition” at our house of having smoothies for breakfast on Wednesday mornings so here is the menu this morning.  It takes a while because everyone wants something a little different.

Luke and Drew like this one
Strawberry Yogurt
Strawberries (frozen)
A banana
a little sugar (my strawberries are not sweetened)
Emma’s favorite
big spoonful of peanut butter
vanilla yogurt
Mike’s favorite
orange juice
a little sugar
I usually like the strawberry banana but this morning I tried to be starbucks
I fixed a shot of espresso (in my Tassimo) poured it in the blender
added some milk, sugar and ice and blended it all up – yummy
You can’t forget to top them all with some whipped cream
Maybe this will make our day go a little “smoother”

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