Control Freak?

On our road trip to Charleston to see my sister and her family Drew decided he wanted to drive.  Here was the conversation (I was driving)

Drew: “Mommy, we’re at da beach yet?”
Me: “No, we have a little ways to go still”
Drew: “But, mommy me saw a palm tree” 
(it was at the South Carolina visitors center)
Me: “Yes, we are getting closer to the beach and we are going to stop in a few minutes and get something to eat and take a little break.”
Drew: (very agitated) “No, me not want to stop and eat.  Me not hungy”
Me:  “Well, the rest of us are hungry so we are going to stop and eat and then when we get back in the car we will have a short trip left.”
Drew:  (very, very agitated) “Wet me drive dis car!”
He must have decided if he could just drive he would get us there quicker – no stopping to eat.
In about 2 minutes he was asleep in his car seat.  We didn’t stop and eat in Columbia as we planned we let him sleep about an hour and then stopped in Orangeburg.  He was a little happier with a nap and full tummy and he let me keep driving.