Sunday, Beautiful Sunday

It was a beautiful day on Sunday. Emma and Luke both had a friend over after church and they played outside. Here are a few pictures. This is what happens when you have boys and girls – a tea party and a football game going on at the same time in the backyard. Believe it or not there were no broken bones or tea cups.


Here is a cute video that I found over on Kate’s blog. I teach a writing class at our homeschool coop for the middle and high school students. I love my classes they are an awesome group of kids. Several of them have started blogs and we have a blog for our coop that we started but really hasn’t gotten off the ground. I don’t post much about homeschooling because I know there are SO many opinions out there and I am a very middle of the road homeschooler. I guess you could even call me wishy washy when it comes to my homeschooling. I do know that it has been great being such a huge part of my kids lives and even if I sent them to traditional school tomorrow I wouldn’t regret one moment of homeschooling. Being a family involved in ministry it has worked well because we are so busy on weekends – especially Mike. Homeschooling gives us some time during the week to slow down and spend time together.