Here is a cute video that I found over on Kate’s blog. I teach a writing class at our homeschool coop for the middle and high school students. I love my classes they are an awesome group of kids. Several of them have started blogs and we have a blog for our coop that we started but really hasn’t gotten off the ground. I don’t post much about homeschooling because I know there are SO many opinions out there and I am a very middle of the road homeschooler. I guess you could even call me wishy washy when it comes to my homeschooling. I do know that it has been great being such a huge part of my kids lives and even if I sent them to traditional school tomorrow I wouldn’t regret one moment of homeschooling. Being a family involved in ministry it has worked well because we are so busy on weekends – especially Mike. Homeschooling gives us some time during the week to slow down and spend time together.

One thought on “Homeschoolers

  1. That really made me and my kids laugh!! Perfect for a Monday morning, while trying to get them to settle in to get their work done!!

    I, too, am a ‘middle of the road’ homeschooler, and every year we re-evaluate for each kids what we’re going to do. So far, it’s simply what has worked the best for our family for now, so for now, we’re sticking with it. I’m always glad to meet other ‘non-militant’ homeschoolers!! 🙂

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