Cough, cough, cough

That is what I have been doing for about the last week and a half.  I am not sleeping well because that is mostly when I cough.  Mike started feeling bad Saturday and made it through preaching Sunday and a youth meeting last night but is recovering today and giving his voice a rest.  It seems that we have been sick more this year than usual – a couple of nasty stomach bugs, the flu and several colds – but none of us has had to go to the doctor -thankfully.  My friend Boni posted a link to this site last week.  It’s an article about the overuse of antibiotics.  I thought it was very well balanced and logical.  My kids have only been on antibiotics a couple of times each – mainly for positive strep tests.  Mostly because God has blessed us with healthy children but also because  I agree they can be miracle drugs and save lives but they are overprescribed.  Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor if they are really necessary or wait it out a day or two at home before rushing to the doctor.  What do you think about antibiotic use?