Last night Drew helped me cook while Mike took Emma and Luke to bball practice. Took a little extra time (ok alot of extra time) and a bigger mess to clean but it was worth it. He loves to help in the kitchen. We made fish tacos. My friend Sonda used to live in California and these are big out there. This summer she told me how to make them. If you’ve never tried them – you are missing out. Here is how I do it (Sonda hope I don’t mess this up)

I used talapia

Cut the fish into bite sized chunks
– last night I fried them with a beer batter mix
– or you can grill or pan fry in a little olive oil season with a little salt and lime juice

Make the sauce (this is what makes them sooooo good)
– mix together some mayo, sour cream, lots of chopped cilantro, tabasco to taste and a little lime juice and enough water to make it slighty runny (I like it a little runnier than salad dressing)I think Sonda didn’t make it with sour cream but I use reduced fat sour cream so I don’t feel like I am using so much mayo I don’t know how much of everything to tell you because I just make it in a cereal bowl and that’s about how much we need

To make the tacos
– warm tortillas (I use flour but you could do corn) put the fish on top with shredded cabbage ( use the preshredded cole slaw kind to cut down on prep time – I actually used broccoli slaw last night – it’s healthier than just cabbage)top with the sauce (don’t be stingy – this mixes with the cabbage and makes kind of a slaw)
fold it up and enjoy!) You can also top it with salsa and guacamole

Have fun – it brings a little summer on a cold day!