Quick weekend wrap up

Got almost all the decorations finished – I am waiting to finish outside until tomorrow – it’s supposed to 70 degrees tomorrow! My kind of outdoor Christmas decorating! I don’t like being cold -even at Christmas.

Had our small group meeting Thursday night – I love those guys and their kids – we had a great time – there was one point right before everyone left and all the kidos had reached their exhaustion point that all the little guys were crying – Drew, Grace, Ava and John were all throwing fits at the same time!!! Here is a quick summary – Grace got upset when Nathan tried to put her shoes on to go – she laid in the floor to cry – Travis decided it would be funny to lay in the floor and throw a big people (6’3″) temper tantrum to cheer Grace up – John was a little freaked out by his Daddy in the floor throwing a fit so he cried – Travis stopped the tantrum and put Ava’s shoes on signifying time to go so she cried – in the meantime Drew was sitting in the living room floor with a cup of milk and Emma walks by and accidentaly knocks it over so Drew starts crying over spilled milk – literally -I calm him and refill the milk as I set the refilled milk on the table Luke walks by says “hey, thanks” and drinks it down in one gulp – Drew watching screams in horror because he still has no milk! By this point I am laughing so hard I have to sit down and all the adults have a good laugh – and the best part is we got to send most of the crying ones home!! Now that is what you call a Life Group

Friday night Galax Christmas parade – redneck Christmas – that will be a blog post all it’s own and I have pictures to prove it!

Saturday was one of those days that only a little of my to do list got done and I stressed about it most of the day. On a good note – I took the kids to see Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium at Creekside in Mt Airy – really cute movie! We all loved it – great for all ages – even little bitty guys. We then rushed to a meeting a church and it was all in all a pretty hectic day – thanks Boni and Travis for letting me vent and Mike for letting me talk your head off til midnight – you guys are good therapists

Sunday – we had a great service today!!! The youth led the worship and did an awesome job – our regular praise team was a real blessing by spending their well deserved Sunday off serving with the children Mike gave a great intro to his Christmas series and John Chisum shared some good words with us and closed us out with some great Christmas music – it was Christmasy – despite the 65 degrees outside (you won’t hear me complaining)
After church Mike and I took our 3 and 3 extras to the movies to see Enchanted. Great movie – go see it!!! – a little scary in parts for little ones (Drew covered his eyes a couple of times and climbed in my lap) A mean lady and a big dragon that might be too much for timid kids
Then 20 teenagers at our house – great time with them – they are an awesome group that I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of -can’t wait to see what God has in store for them!!

Now it is off to bed – I am tired!!!!!!! Gotta get up early to go on a field trip with some other homeschoolers to Barter Theater!