little angels and pirate ships

I took my little angels to  Barter Theater to see The Littlest Angel today.  Both Grandma and Nini went – and we had a great day!  Really cute play – not really scripturally accurate in the beginning with the little boy dying and becoming an angel and Heaven being a boring place, but a great message at the end.  It reminded us all that Jesus was sent to Earth to be human and even though we are as dirty and shabby as the old box the angel gives to baby Jesus it is pleasing to Him – it reminds me of the verse “He remembers that we are dust” (psalm 103:14) and the best part is – He doesn’t care!  He still loves us in spite of our dirt.  Anyway – I think it is still playing for a couple more weeks – so get over and see it if you get a chance.

We also made a quick trip to Walmart tonight after supper to get Drew a pirate ship.  It is a little close to Christmas to be buying toys, but we promised him this toy as a reward for mastering the poopin in the potty skill.   He put his last sticker on the chart he has been working on for months so it was reward time.  Let’s just hope it keeps working.  
Gotta get some work done – going Christmas shopping tomorrow!