Getting ready to go get all the last minute stuff ready for the kids at church in the morning. We are using a 3 week Christmas curriculum from kidmo called Heaven’s Windows. It looks great and I think the kids will love it. Hope I’m right or I’ll have 50 rowdy kids on my hands!!

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  1. We have used KIDMO now for (2) 6 week sessions. We use the program for five weeks, then have a games and prizes Sunday for the 5th week. Our Kids love it! We have a room about 20×20 and we redecorate it every six weeks, to give a total effect to the series. For Knights of the Rectangle, we made our entire room into the interior of a castle with gray sheets, drawing bricks on the sheets,movie theatre curtains to be pulled back, entry past the guards, etc. For the Drive series we decked everything out in racing materials, such as checkered black and white and a race track along with driving signs such as CAUTION, on them. We are doing Beefesians next and I can’t wait to get started on transforming the room into a western barn. The Kids are so into it and the prize and game day gives us an extra weekend to get the room redone. HAVE FUN WITH IT. Kids are never unimpressed with our “adult” imagination! Towne South Church of Christ, Elizabeth City, NC

  2. The kids loved the Christmas Kidmo and I just ordered the Easter Kidmo. We are using Elevate now and Kidmo in between series. Works great for us.

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