If I had time to blog

Mike entered the whole blogging world about a year before I did. For months before I started blogging I would say “if I had a blog I would write about that” Now that I have my blog I think I have decided that I should have named it “if I had time to blog . .. ” I am only getting out about 2 posts a week – if I’m lucky – mostly just once a week. I really enjoy it as a time to think about my day and get some thoughts out of the mess I call my mind. Mike has been teaching a lesson series to the youth called Simplify. I really need to do that. I feel like I am running in 50 different directions sometimes. I talked to my daddy a few days ago and he had called a couple of times and didn’t get me so when he did talk to me he said I was a busy lady and hard to get in touch with. I told him that when he and Mama had me I should have been twins so I would have 2 of me on the crazy days.
Two of me would actually just add to the craziness. I would find too much for both of us to do. Some of my business is because of my stage in life with 3 little ones and homeschooling. Some of it is self inflicted because of over committing, not saying no, wasting time (like blogging instead of folding laundry), and getting involved in too many things. As he closed the meeting Sunday night Mike talked about how Elijah looked for God in the wind and the rain but God spoke in the still small voice. I heard a preacher say one time (don’t remember who it was) – if you aren’t hearing from God and you are wanting Him to yell at you it’s because you are not close enough to hear Him whisper. That has always stuck in my mind. I want to be close enough and still enough to hear Him whisper. Lots of times this means giving up some good things to have the best things. I love being a mom and all the craziness that comes with it but simplifying is definitely something I am going to be working on.