Funny things kids say

I love to hear the funny things that kids come up with. Here are some recent funnies from the last couple of months that I have been saving to blog about. When we were at Isle of Palms a few weeks ago and my sister Sara was leaving our condo with Todd and Mallie she told them that they were going to ride the elevator. Mallie said ” I not want to ride the alligator”

Emma soaked so much chlorine into her eyes at the pool that her eyes were red and she asked me to put some vaseline (visine) in them.

Today while Luke was doing a Rainbow Rock Math game on the computer the “lady” on the computer said “Do you want to stop playing or continue”, in a very proper British voice. Drew was sitting with Luke and “helping” him do his math and Luke translated to his little brother “Drew, that means yonta (redneck for do you want to) play again.”

I was talking to my friend Misty today about deviled eggs and she said that Hannah (her 3 year old) calls them “camel eggs – I guess devil and camel sound alike to a 3 year old.