We are in Atlanta in for Catalyst – which starts tomorrow. Here are a few thoughts about our day

* First stop IKEA – we spent way to much time in here but it was awesome! I think Dave Ramsey is going to kick my butt tomorrow! We actually went into the store with money we have set aside for getting an office set up a little better for Mike to work from. It was truly an experience the show room was HUGE and then there was the whole downstairs with kitchen stuff, linens, dishes, lighting. Mike and I love to take places like IKEA and see what we can learn about church from them – I’ll blog about that later
* More shopping at Lenox Square Mall – we really didn’t buy much there just looking around
* My hair is straight – I did buy a Coriloiss Hair Straightner from a Kiosk in the mall – I had been looking for one and the lady gave me a pretty good deal. She was looking for people with curly hair to attack and I was a sucker. I tried it and it works great.
* A vegan nightmare – we ate dinner at Fogo De Chao. They keep bringing you all the meat you want. 15 different kinds of fire roasted meat – I really liked the variety of trying different meats and the salad bar and key lime pie were great. I am not a big meat eater so I got full pretty fast but not too full for key lime pie.
* I am drinking a diet Snapple Lime Green Tea and it is really good.
* I told Mike tonight that I don’t just really love him – I like him. We have had a blast today – he is just fun to be with.
* I miss my kids
* Thanks Nini and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa for taking care of our babies while we are gone.
* I am tired of hearing about Brittany Spears and her kids
* We are getting up early to head to the arena in the morning and I am tired and I wish I had my bed. I have the most comfortable bed in the world. I miss my bed
* I really like Atlanta – nice people, fun place
* I am going to stop blogging and go to bed

2 thoughts on “Atlanta

  1. Okay, well if you learn any tips tomorrow on overcoming jealousy, let me know…. cause I need them!!!!! I bet IKEA was SO cool!!!! I’ve always wanted to go to one!! Ya’ll have fun (well… MORE fun!) Boni

  2. It really was cool – I feel a girls trip to Atlanta coming on!! I didn’t even get the Dave Ramsey lecture yet but I am sure it’s coming tomorrow
    See ya when we get back! Jenni

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