Potty Training

When I posted on Potty Training yesterday I forgot to mention something that really does work. I waited until training my 3rd child to try this and wished I had known about earlier. I bought and read the book Toilet training in less than a day and gave it a try and it worked! Drew had just turned 3 and I really wanted to get him pottying by the summer so on Memorial Day when Mike was off from work he took Emma and Luke for the morning and Drew and I practiced pottying. You really just have to read through the book to get the whole idea- it’s not long and easy reading. Skip over, or read and get a chuckle from, the illustrations used in the book. They are really dated and funny. Just thought it was worth sharing something that works. It takes 3 or 4 hours of your undivided attention but it’s better than weeks of frustration.