The potential of a child

I am amazed at how amazing God is every time I see a newborn baby. If you have read Mike’s blog you will know that our awesome friends Travis and Boni have a new baby boy! John Jeremiah was born Sunday morning(the 26th). He is 5 days old and Drew and I went to take a peek at him a few hours ago. Wow – he is so beautiful and so helpless at the same time. I stay so busy with everyday life that I occasionally get a wake up call to just what a responsibility being a parent is. I’m not talking about the responsibility of feeding them their veggies, washing their clothes and making sure they brush their teeth. I mean the BIG responsibility of leading them in the right direction. The responsibility of showing them Jesus in a world full of selfishness and materialism. Showing them Jesus in a world full of sickness and pain. Showing them Jesus in a world full of sin! That is an awesome responsibility. It makes being sure they ate their spinach seem like child’s play. What is even as awe inspiring as looking into the eyes of a newborn is realizing how much potential God has put into those little bodies. There might be a pastor in Boni’s arms. There might be a missionary playing with blocks in her floor. The little “tweener” watching Hannah Montana on my couch might be a women’s Bible study leader. The little boy in my house getting dressed for soccer practice could be a worship leader. My little 3 year old that had an “accident” this morning trying to make it to the potty might one day be a youth pastor that leads thousands of teens to Jesus. Parents always have hopes and dreams for their children as they watch them grow. But God has bigger plans. His plans reach as far as eternity. So, welcome to the world Baby John! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all the children in our lives.

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  1. Jenni… you made me CRY! You are so right, what an awesome responsibility we have. I can’t wait to see how God will lead our children (and me through the next year!!) We love you guys so much.

    Travis, Boni, Ava & John

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